Dcm is the leading producer of curtain and drapery fabrics located in Bursa / Turkey. Established in 1980 as a family-run business and managed by 2nd generation Mr. Cengiz Çalışkan.

Our goal is to provide textile solutions that help create a high level of comfort in a sustainable living environment.

Dcm is constantly investing and developing to present the best product and service to its customers.

From yarn to finishing DCM uses all advantages of being an integrated producer by having its own weaving mill, 

yarn dyeing, fabric dyeing, and finishing facilities. Having certificates such as OekoTex, ISO9001 quality assurance,

ISO10002 customer satisfaction, ISO 14001 environmental management, and with frequent social compliance audits, Dcm already proved itself as a pioneer in the textile industry.


The creative vision of our R&D is the heart company. Our unique designs are characterized by the richest patterns, colors, and special fibers,

Natural and blended yarns. We reflect our style by taking care of every detail. Our collections are distinguished with fine colorations, customized finishes, diverse motifs, and quality materials.


Our Eco-friendly collections with recycled and sustainably grown organic yarns help to reduce waste and the impact of harmful chemicals.


And also FR collections are developed to meet demands, especially for the hospitality industry.


Having Europe and the USA being our main markets Dcm exports its products literally all over the World.